Here you can find the best gambling tactics

On this site you'll find tips and strategies you can use in sports betting and on gambling sites.

The strategies covered here are mostly applicable to both sports betting and casino games.

You don't need to apply the strategies literally; they can also be used as inspiration for coming up with your own strategy or system.

These days there are many sites for betting online. The same sites usually offer casino games too. On the same site you will therefore be able to swap between sports betting and games of chance.

Games of chance usually have the advantage that they proceed more quickly than sports betting. The downside to such games is that you are entirely at the mercy of chance.

In sports betting there is the additional aspect of your knowledge of the sport in question. However, a player or team that appears the strongest on paper can still lose.

A good first rule is that beginners should make a number of smaller bets to begin with. Once you've found a good system you can gradually increase the amount of money at stake.

The following are some interesting strategies:

Martingale Reverse Martingale Martingale Light
Labouchere Reverse Labouchere Oscar's Grind
D'Alembert Betting on draws Two possibilities at once